Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do the herbs come from?

Most of our herbs are organically grown or wildcrafted, we source our materials meticulously from all over the world, including Taiwan, Korea, China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tibet, and a few special herbs from North and South America. The herbs are properly identified, hand selected for freshness and potency, tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria/mold before being used in the formulations. Only the highest quality herbs make it into our products. Most manufacturers use the cheapest source of herbs they buy in bulk, not accounting for whether the herbs were harvested ethically, both socially and biologically. We do our research and source our materials with the highest standards with regard for both the plant and the harvester.

How are the formulas made from the herbs?

We use a proprietary low temperature alcohol extraction method which yields a very concentrated liquid, with all of the delicate aromatic and other ingredients in the product. You can taste and smell the potency. There are NO other added ingredients. The formula is perfectly preserved with the alcohol, and DOES NOT deteriorate like all other forms as pills, tablets, capsules, powders, which always contain gelatin, corn or other starch medium, magnesium stearate and other excipients, preservatives, film coatings or similar ingredients used in their manufacture.

Do these formulas work?

The main formulator and creator of our products has personal experience treating over 10,000 patients in the last 20+ years, prescribing Chinese Herbal Medicine and applying acupuncture and other aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine to cure, mitigate, prevent, and reverse many modern disease processes which currently are considered “incurable”, like diabeties, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and cancers. Most of these formulas are based on classical formulas from 500 to over 1000 years old which are still being used today. In fact, in most of Asia, these formulas are considered “drugs” which treat diseases, just like pharmacueticals, but at a fraction of the cost, and with no or little adverse side effects. The reason they are not YET considered so in the West is due to ignorance, brainwashing, and the power of big pharma and biotech to control the medical industry. Now there are many research articles emerging which reveal the biomechanisms and scientific reasons why the herbs work, the most effective being the classical formulations, and not just single herbs.

Are the formulas safe?

These formulas are safer than most “food” found in a modern supermarket. The fact is that most of the vegetables that you buy which are not organic are loaded with pesticides and most modern manufactured food is loaded with poisons as well being devoid of nutrients. Not only are these formulas safe, they assist the body in the detoxification and removal of poisons and toxins from your body, and can rebuild deficiencies of hormones, blood, and neurotransmitters caused from depleted food as well. As with anything you consume, there can be mild adverse digestive effects, such as nausea or stomach upset, but this can usually be avoided by starting with very small dosages (a few drops as opposed to a dropper full, which is about 10 drops). When you increase gradually by several drops each dose, you allow time for your body to adjust to digesting and transporting the nutrients. Unlike pharmaceuticals, the dosage can vary tremendously for each individual, and is best determined by gradually building up from a very small dose. Many formulas are balanced, harmonizing formulas which can safely be used for years and years to supplement and treat mild imbalances, like Heart Health and Hormonal Health, while other formulas are meant for shorter term use, like the Cold and Flu Formula. Certain formulas are designed to be taken ONLY for a short time of 1 to 3 weeks, like the Parasite Formula, and will have adverse effects if used improperly for a longer period. That is the reason some herbs have been banned, because of toxic effects from prolonged consumption. Many natural substances can be toxic if used excessively for the wrong reasons. When identified properly, harvested and prepared appropriately, and combined with other similar herbs to form historically time tested formulas which are applied with the correct dosage, the herbs are very safe and effective.

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