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Shennong, the Chinese Father of Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and other agricultural inventions, the “Divine Farmer”
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All of our herbs are organic, without pesticides and other synthetic chemicals….that’s what you are buying…not some corporate sellout bs.

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We care about the planet and the people on it!

We support fair trade, organic small scale agriculture, biodynamics, and ethical wildcraft harvesting only.

Our products are organic, pesticide free, without any additives, safe and effective for fertility, detox, candida, insomnia, asthma, stress and many other conditions.

We specialize in pure organic herbs to begin with and apply novel extraction techniques to produce a balanced yet potent effect.

We never use any threatened , endangered or socially abused plants…we go way beyond legal and CITES regulations for environmentally friendly herb harvesting.

We dont use any animal products, aside from mineral powder from organic healthy oyster shells from the cleanest areas of the plant. These mineral components are classical ingredients in our “Headache and Dizziness” Formula, also known as “Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin” or “Gastrodia and Uncaria Formula”

Click here to see Headache and Dizziness Formula, based on the classic Chinese herbal decoction called:天麻芶藤飲 – GASTRODIA AND UNCARIA DECOCTION

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We are 100% behind supporting organic farmers who supply our herbs!


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Restore Nature by supporting Organic Herbal Medicine!


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We are dedicated to organic sustainability!

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Formulas for Women’s and Men’s reproductive system…hard to find this kind of quality anywhere else!
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