About Us

Who are we?

     We are leaders in the field of preparation, formulation, and clinical practice of Chinese herbal medicine, which is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. Our goal is to provide people with access to Traditional Chinese Medicine which is safe and effective.

     We offer information and consultation services related to the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine and health related issues without the bias of Big Pharma and mass media.

Why are our products unique?

     Our small size allows us to manufacture unique and high quality herbal supplements which are unavailable anywhere else. Most other manufactures focus on powdered, dried, or “granulated” herb powders or pills made from “extract”. We make all our formulas as water and alcohol tinctures, which provides a much more potent “fresh” element of the plant material, namely the volatile aromatics. You can immediately smell and taste these oils and other fragile compounds in our product.

     These are highly digestible and balanced formulations which your body can absorb, unlike many of the supplement forms of pills and powders which contain additives and excipients that include:

  • added sugars like dextrin, lactose

  • corn, potato and other starch

  • preservatives

  • waxes and parabens

  • fillers

  • flow agents

  • glidants

  • emoliants

  • anti-foaming agents

  • lubricants like calcium and magnesium stearate

  • coloring agents like pigments and dyes

  • binders 

  • polymers and platicizers

  • triethyl citrate

  • triacetin

  • disintegrants

  • silicon dioxide

  • titanium dioxide

  • dibasic calcium phosphate

  • microcrystalline cellulose

  • povidone

  • natural gums such as acacia

  • gelatin

  • methylcellulose

  • hypromellose

     Gelatin capsules can contain heavy metals and sulfites, and are usually combined with sodium laurel sulfate and other preservatives.  They usually originate from fish, cows, and pigs.

     Vegetarian capsules are not any better.  They are made from wood and cotton fiber treated with chemicals, but it is still undigestible cellulose often riddled with pesticides and other nasty ingredients.

      Many of these ingredients are toxic or disrupting to normal digestion, despite what the FDA may claim. We have only herbs, water, and alcohol as ingredients, with an indefinite shelf life if not exposed to oxygen and light.

What is our mission?

     Our “Company Mission” is to provide information and products of Traditional Chinese Medicine with complete transparency and safety for the recipient.  We provide guidance and assistance in the use of Traditional Medicine as it applies to the cure, mitigation, prevention, and reversal of disease. 

     We  integrate the best uses of Western Medicine, and discard and discontinue the use of modern harmful practices.  We provide the highest quality, organically grown, socially responsible, ethically harvested and manufactured Chinese Medicine in the world. 

     We are a small company who takes exceptional care in making products of meticulous quality and potency.  All of the products we offer have been proven as potent remedies with safety track records from centuries of human use.

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