About Chinese Medicine Company:

  • We are experienced in the field of preparation, formulation, and clinical practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine.
  • Our small size allows us to manufacture unique and high quality herbal supplements which are unavailable anywhere else.
  • Most other manufactures focus on powdered, dried, or “granulated” herb powders or pills which contain additives/excipients that may include fillers, flow agents/glidants, lubricants, coloring agents, binders, or disintegrants, many of them toxic.
  • We make all our formulas as hydro-ethanolic extracts, which provides a much more potent “fresh” element, namely the volatile aromatics.
  • You can immediately smell and taste these oils and other fragile compounds in our product.
  • These are highly absorbable and molecularly balanced formulations which your cells can easily assimilate.

Our “Company Mission” is:

  • to provide information and products of Traditional Chinese Medicine with complete transparency and safety for the recipient, without the bias and deception of mass pharma and corporatism;
  • to provide guidance and assistance in the use of Traditional Medicine as it applies to the cure, mitigation, prevention, and reversal of disease;
  • to integrate the best uses of Western Medicine, and discard and discontinue the use of modern harmful practices;
  • to provide the highest quality, organically grown, socially responsible, ethically harvested and manufactured, proven and potent Chinese Medicine in the world.

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